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Project Description
A .NET project to help putting in place automated UI tests. An XML grammar specifies the actions to run on a given application, and the expected behaviour of the application. The engine then runs the test scenarios and indicates completeness, success or failure.

Example of XML grammar
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<application path="calc.exe">
<setText target="403" value="123"/>
<buttonClick target="92" waitForAction="100"/>
<setText target="403" value="456"/>
<buttonClick target="112" waitForAction="100"/>
<checkText target="403" value="579, " errMsg="The calculator is not working !"/>

What it is going to do
Run the Windows calculator, wait for 2 seconds for it to come up. Send "123" in the control 403 (which is the text area of the calculator), then invoke a click on button +, then send "456" to the text area, and simulate a click on the = button. Finally, it is going to check that the result in the same area is indeed "579, ". If it is not... well, you may have an old Pentium 60, and it will display "The calculator is not working !" instead of OK in the console.

What is next?
I need your input to add some commands and functionnality on this piece of code. There is not much for now : a very limited version of the engine, a small console application to run the tests from the XML files, and a sample application to be tested, in which I put a few different controls, and a change of active form to check that the engine can handle this kind of situation. If you test this on your application, please drop a line : what I need is basically test cases that I have not integrated yet in the project. Thanks in advance.

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